Windows App Reviews

Well since there has not been too many in depth Windows 8 App reviews I will be doing as many as possible to fill in the missing link between short comment and long boring contextual review.
I will include screenshots and videos in HD. Note Game reviews will come from my associate Jesse Trombitas, Lloyd Slichenmyer, and Nicholas Nhung. Reviews will be simple with Overview, Functionality, Design (depends on the app), and Conclusion.

BTW: Since moving to server the reviews have lost the quintessential screenshot slideshow. To compensate here is the link to our photo albums:

Note: Newest reviews appear at the bottom.

Olive Tree Bible+ review

Naturespace Holographic Audio review

Quick Note Review

Wikipedia Review

Amazon Review (store)

Slap Dash Podcast

My History Digest


Basketball Clipboard

Free Books

Office 15



     Star Chart

     Fine Cooking



Tom and Jerry


Music Maker Jam

(official) Twitter

Network Speed Test

Great British Chef’s app




Street Eats

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