Meet the Staff

Founder/Head Editor
Ezekiel Carsella
Ezekiel is a widely respected tech commenter known as Microsoft Missionary commonly found roaming on The Verge’s forums, doing marketing and damage control with over two years experience. He is a prolific writer and open-minded towards any platform. His projects include: the Animal Conflict Series, the blog Book N Tech, and our parent site Botangle. Go check out his books here

Senior Technology Editor
Lloyd Slichenmyer: @slichenmyer
Technology enthusiast, pursuing alot of things, while a baller on the basketball court. Lloyd is the guy that really makes Book N Tech stay fresh, fast, and awesome.

Senior Book Editor
Kiera O’Elle – An content editor in real life, and a website editor online, Kiera puts her best foot forward in order to manage and guide the book portion of Book’N’Tech to being the best that they can be. With seven years of blogging experience and vigorous training in leadership, Kiera hopes to lead the Book’N’Tech Book team to be the most awesome side of the website.

Senior Book Reviewer
Marie Herman – A very happy New Yorker author who digests book faster than Ray’s Famous make’s pizza on 52nd street. She loves to put extra flair in her reviews, but never sugarcoats.

Community Manager
Dylan Jones – Dylan is finally moving up the ranks to our beloved community manager spot after showing some really good stats and great skills with people. Dylan is probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and not some crazy fanboy for Microsoft, Google, or Apple . He’s new here and is still learning about every aspect of blogging while a student in High School.

Kayden M. Rice – He’s the teenage euntrepenuer trying all types of different business models looking for one to stick. Kinda like the pickle method. In his spare time we teach him how to be a great blogger/journalist. He does coding and robots so give him a shoutout on social media.

Erik Finman – A teenage startup guru who is a great guy to talk to and has excellent business sense. Also our magnanimous server host.

Nicholas Nhung – Another teenager who loves to blow things up… in real life. He’s Asian and unashamed when it comes to just about everything.


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