Bose SoundLink Mini Review & Sound Test

Hey guys! It’s been a minute, but we’re back with a review and sound test of the Bose SoundLink Mini. This portable Bluetooth speaker from the highly respected audio company comes in a small, heavy for it’s size, package that is sure to produce a more balanced sound than most portable Bluetooth speakers. The speaker is enclosed in a one cut, industrial design. The speaker is quite heavy for it’s size, feeling very durable and high quality. This product can remember up to 6 Bluetooth devices and can connect through an aux cable. The speaker does sound quite balanced although it sounds a lot better inside to be expected from a speaker this size. This speaker definitely has it’s acoustic sweat spots in the room, a simple one being near a wall or corner of a room. This makes sure you add depth to the sound. Remember, heavy bass is not what determines good sound. The speaker uses dual passive bass radiators instead of ports which can distort at 3/4 the volume. The lower frequencies are a bit too much at low volumes but distorts the sound at higher volumes. The newer version, Bose SoundLink Mini 2, does improve the sound with the lower frequencies not as loud for a more balanced sound. Here is a soundtest:

Overall, the Bose SoundLink Mini is a balanced sounding portable Bluetooth speaker that you’d pay a pretty penny for. The Bose is a heavy speaker for it’s size but it’s worth it for the build quality and industrial design. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would get the Bose SoundLink Mini 2 because of improved sound. I’d give this product a 8 out of 10 only because of the price. You can check out the product at but I recommend buying it off Amazon where you can usually buy it cheaper.

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Bose SoundLink Mini

Amazon $179.99
Bose SoundLink Mini




  • Balanced sound for it's size
  • High quality design


  • Pricey