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Xbox One Elite Box Bottom LeftHey guys, another great day to be alive! Today I will be covering my new Xbox One Elite edition which came out late last year. I picked this as my next-gen console and it is the first console I’ve had since the PS2. You maybe wondering what’s so special about it and if your looking for a new console, why choose this bundle verses the standard.Xbox One Elite

The Elite console, itself, has a 1tb hybrid solid-state drive for faster performance. Truthfully, the console itself looks the same as the standard Xbox One but I wish they would of done a slight design change to indicate it’s elite-ness. Even an added word or logo would do. The only difference, that’s slightly noticeable, is the silver color around the disk input to match the silver colored parts of the controller. The console seems to run fast and fluidly but I’m not sure how it compares to the regular Xbox One. The Elite doesn’t freeze and graphics look great as expected. The power mode and startup setting could make a difference, just like a regular Xbox One. Instant-on makes the system startup instantly, let’s you wake up Xbox with your voice, automatically download/install updates even after you power it off so it’s conveniently ready when you are, and ability to turn on TV, cable, or satellite box on with console. Kinect is needed for any voice feature but is not included in this bundle. You could say that on instant-on mode, the Xbox goes to “sleep” while it’s not doing anything instead of shutting off. This allows the Xbox to automatically start downloading/installing games remotely, if you do happen to be away when you are accessing that game account online, say the beta “Gigantic” game. I found this out while signing up for the game on my phone, as I clicked the “or Xbox One” button.  It conveniently started downloading to my Xbox. I personally prefer energy-saving mode since I don’t have a Kinect yet and on this mode, the Xbox actually shuts off entirely. This clears running background apps, resets ram, cache, and so on which can make for better/fresher performance. I’m not sure if you would notice the difference but my dorm friend’s regular 500gb Xbox One seemed to run better when he switched back to energy-saving mode. Both settings have their pros, instant-on having more pros than energy-saving with more convenient features while energy-saving mode completely shuts off the Xbox all the way when you power off. In general, the Xbox One Elite console has a faster/better, hybrid solid state drive with no difference in design or flare than the average Xbox One.Xbox One Elite Top Left

The Elite edition comes with the well known Elite controller with an included, sturdy carrying case, 2 interchangeable D-pads, 3 sets of interchangeable thumbsticks to personalize the experience, and 2 sets of paddles on the bottom of the controller. All these controls are surprisingly easy to change out since they are magnetically attached and you don’t have to worry about them falling off. The extra paddles on the bottom of the controller can take some getting used to, as they can easily be triggered by accident but can be useful as extra or alternative controls. One example is using the paddles for paddle-shifting if you are driving a car manually in say, Forza. Design-wise, the controller is absolutely an aesthetic master-piece. That sounds dramatic but I didn’t realize the beauty of it until opening the case for it. The color, feel, and build-quality really does make up for the non different looking console.Xbox One Elite Controller Case

Overall, the Xbox One Elite bundle is a good experience. The user interface might need a little tweaking to be more fluid but it’s still quite useable. The controller is great and for being only $100 more dollars than the standard 500gb bundle at the time it was bought, it’s a pretty good deal considering the remote itself is $150 and the consoles added storage. The console also comes with a headset and controller case. Games like GTA and Forza played pretty easily and played Forza Motorsport 6 at 1080p 60 FPS just fine. I give this a 9 out of 10 being an overall great experience.

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Xbox One Elite

Xbox One Elite




  • Great Performance
  • Good value
  • Great Controller


  • Software needs slight tweaking