Guest Blog Post: Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition In The Future And How It Will Change Everything
Voice recognition is not new software, but it is software that is improving. You will be able to use voice recognition to do all the things listed below, even more new things people have not thought of yet and you will make your life much more simple. The five things listed below are merely the beginnings of what voice recognition can do for you now and in the future.
People have been dictating emails for years with apps and software, but voice recognition is going to progress to the point that it does not have to be corrected. Adaptive voice recognition is going to calibrate itself to your voice, and the voice recognition software will know exactly what you mean regardless of your accent or speech pattern. You will be able to instruct the program to send the emails to any address that you spell out, and it will pull up your contacts for easy sending.
When you get into a car that has a satellite mapping system, you will be able to speak to it to get directions. You can use this technology today, but the technology is going to get even more impressive over the years. You will be able to tell the guidance service that you are lost, that you missed a turn or that you need to change destinations. It will talk to you so that you can change direction, and you will not have to take your hands off the steering wheel.
Word Processing
Dictating a long word processing documents is going to be very difficult under the current parameters of voice recognition. Adaptive voice recognition will help you to get dictations right the first time, but it will also get so good that you can dictate to your cell phone in the car. This is a change that will allow people to do everything from write a paper in your car to complete a presentation on your way to work.
House Comfort
Your home is going to be much more comfortable when you have voice recognition software attached to your thermostat. Place the thermostat in your bedroom or office. You can speak to the system to change the temperature, turn on the fan or change from heat to air. The voice recognition software that is attached to these systems allows you to change the temperature in the middle of the night or early in morning so you do not have to get out of bed.
Home Security
Home security is already one of the most advanced areas in the world of technology, but you want to have a security system that is actually going to listen to you. You can prevent people from breaking into your home by using voice recognition to pick up the voices of all the people who are authorized to be in the house. You can set up the keypad to recognize a special panic word if you are under duress, and you can turn off the alarm with a special word if it is set off by accident.
Every item that is listed here is going to make your life much easier purely because it is going to have voice recognition software attached. Telling your phone to call a number is only the beginning. You will be able to manage your daily routine with voice recognition of the future.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes about technology and other gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She currently writes for ‚Äč Total Voice Tech, her go to for voice recognition software.

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