Welcome the latest addition to the Book N Tech squad

Hi everyone!

I’m Kiera (keer-ah), the latest edition to the Book N Tech team. I have command over the “Book” part of the blog, where I help our writers to schedule posts and remain on time. I will officially begin scheduling posts after the busy holiday season that comes in December!

Besides working with the BNT team, my job is to edit novels. I currently am working with Ezekiel Carsella on his second Sci-Fi novel. I also have a few other editing jobs lined up for 2015–some I’m very excited about! I also work as a freelance dancer doing ballet and Irish dance, as well as teaching both. Both dancing and editing are my passions!

I got started in editing when I was nine. I was writing stories myself, and even put myself through a grueling writing regime. I was a bit of an oddball, and that hasn’t changed as I’ve grown up. As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve spent less time working on stories and more time helping others develop theirs–something I’ve enjoyed far more!

I was homeschooled from fifth grade to seventh grade, and during those years, I spent a lot of time working on reading and grammar. My love of English really blossomed then, and quickly I became infatuated with English itself. I would devour any books that came my way–even a medical dictionary!–and would enjoy them completely. It really didn’t matter to me what the book was about, or if I had read it before. If it was in our house, I had read it.

Before long, I had started to have an eye for what editing would be like for me. Purple prose bugs me, some grammar rules really irk me. I hate how little we’ve progressed in the past hundred years. I hate how we shirk at authors who dare to be different.

That hasn’t changed, even as I’ve gotten older. In order for me to enjoy who I am now, I have to cherish differences and love what makes us all special.

The Book’N’Tech team is full of amazing, special people of whom I’m very excited to be working with. This creative group is full of bright kids who are going to go far–just you wait and see! I’m so proud and honored to be working with them, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us all.

Until later,

Kiera O’Elle


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  • Slichenmyer

    Thanks for the honest words and encouragement.

  • Slichenmyer

    Thanks for the honest words and encouragement.