Shapes the Sunlight Takes

The Overview

Part Literary Fiction, part exciting chaotic adventure, Shapes the Sunlight Takes is a stroll through the mind of a fifteen year old visionary who must spark a flame between ex-lovers. Lexie has many issues, pet peeves, and awkward actions which makes her a perfectly relatable character in this Adult/ Young Adult experience. The good folks at Asymmetrical Press sent us Shapes the Sunlight Takes before it releases to you the General Public. Even if the cover is a bit… different, it is definitely minimal and mimics the road you will travel in the 352 pages of Shapes the Sunlight Takes.

The Adventure

I cannot remember the last time I read a book that took a similar direction in plot movement like Shapes the Sunlight Takes. The book took a slow time molding the characters in a very nice setting. The main character was a lesbian high school freshman who had visionary abilities. Her mission was to get her wannabe lover together with her ex boyfriend who left town to be a redneck and perfect his Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Over the course of the book you get to know her very well and see what has affected her decisions in life. The author did a very good job portraying a more “normal” and troubled character compared to a perfect character that authors usually put into books.

The book was very good at setting up the plot and eventual end without using an over cliché ending. The book’s side characters were very interesting, and helped out by presenting similar problems faced by the MC. Overall the characters were very relatable due to their issues, quirks, and bursts of humor. While the book’s ending was a bit slower than I desired, the overall sense of adventure was very refreshing.

The Conclusion

While the beginning was very… stressful because it was a bit… odd and slow, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. The cover work was well done, the characters were very well fleshed out, and the resolution was good. I had some issues with the continually slow paced ending, I thought the intentions were good. Overall I would definitely recommend this book.


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