Outshine review


They’re everywhere. Isabel sees shadows in every corner, hears noises in the dark. She doesn’t trust a thing that meets her eyes, unable to discern what’s real from her crippling paranoia. Slowly losing her grip.
Her partner, Ryan, feels just as smothered. Three months after his brush with death, it seems to linger all around him, as though it somehow wants him back. Tormented, they find themselves trapped in a life they can no longer stomach, until an unforeseeable passing gives them hope of a fresh start. They go far from the city to a deserted village, somewhere not even the most determined could find them. To discover new dangers lying in wait.
Outshine is a supernatural thriller, the sequel to Lifecycle 1: Affinities. In a world where death is no longer absolute, some things really can last forever.


light spoilers about Affinities ending ahead

Affinities was a fantastic book that could have easily been a self contained story. From the (now) superficial look we were given into the lives of Ryan, Andrew, and Isabel it looked like a simple act of fate caused the events in Affinities to happen. After reading Outshine on Halloween and needing some time to really digest what happened, I was so wrong. In Outshine we are given a look back into a character that was formerly an antagonist who I was disgusted with. The author Chris Hollis did a wonderful job of making me take a step back and see what exactly caused events in Affinities to happen.

In Outshine we are welcomed to a world of wonderfully crafted supernatural villains, community politics, and human will to burn it all down. Outshine was a bit long, but it never overstayed its welcome. The book gave rise to many answers, but every answer presented new questions. For a sequel to a book’s world I never thought I’d revisit I can say it was well done. If anything can be said against it, the side characters I invested into seemed a bit… disposable, but I believe we might visit them again.


Outshine is a must buy supernatural thriller in a very wonderful series. The cover art does a wonderful job of setting up the scenery and the Welsh setting was a welcome change from most thrillers. I cannot wait for the next installment next year to review.


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