UPDATED: My History Digest (app) review!


One of our first (and most read) Windows Store App reviews focused on the high quality My History Digest exclusive Windows 8 app with a few starter articles. Now that Windows 8.1 is here and the app has been updated, I decided it was time to revisit the excellent and polished app. Considering you know the basics I would like to let you know that the My History Digest team has announced a Kickstarter! The team would like to branch out to other platforms (iOS and Android) so they need some funds to make it happen! The link to the Kickstarter will be at the end.

My History DigestDesign

One of My History Digest’s biggest strengths is the core design. The app has a unique “2.5 dimensional” design employing a use of pictures, parallax, and text for a very compelling design. The use of colors, pictures, and font are pretty much on point for the perfect balance of gorgeous design and maximum readability. Pretty much there are no flaws in the design so my next favorite topic is functionality!

My History Digest


Of course a pretty face is useless if it is not smart right? Well thankfully the My History Digest app takes full advantage of the Windows 8.1 Operating System. A right click/swipe up reveals the two piece action bar where you can change some reading settings and go to different individual articles in the magazine. You can pin an article to your start screen if you wanted to remember to tell someone about it or add another beautiful tile to your Magazine section.

The magazine has monthly issues that usually occupy 122 mb of space on your computer. Considering it is not a big PDF dump which are a horror to navigate and badly formatted or a Nook magazine which isn’t fully functional either, My History Digest’s unique design and functionality make it worth the $19.99 a year price for the articles.

Of course a good magazine would not be a good one without content, right? Everyday they have a “nugget” of information. Sometimes its a photo or a bit of news that’s relevant to its date or History. Nuggets are free and nice for a morning conversational starter. Of course a magazine has to have substance! Usually an issue contains around 9 full length articles with a generous amount of pictures. All the pictures are able to be found in a curated gallery that occasionally features user sent pictures. Individual issues can be purchased for $4.99 and downloadable on up to 5 different devices!

My History Digest


The My History Digest app is extremely polished for the work of a small team and is great for students, teachers, and history fans who like to learn more about the interesting innerworking of humanity. The app has no visible flaws and performs very well in day to day usage. Since its great on Windows 8.1 I’d hope you consider funding the Kickstarter (see link below) so you can grab it on your iPhone or Android device!




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