Every Street United


Usually we don’t review reality Television series, but Every Street United is a wonderful exception. Featuring 8 street soccer players from 5 different continents to play in a 4v4 game in Rio di Janerio for a chance to audition with the Seattle Sounders FC in Major League Soccer (MLS). Every Street United is an Xbox Original interactive exclusive to the Xbox One, 360, and Video store. The series started June 15th publishing every Sunday alongside of an interactive app exclusive to the Xbox consoles. For most soccer fans Every Street United is an easy must watch for soccer fans but the great storytelling, relatable stories, and exciting action can draw just about anyone in.


Since it is not the usual action/science fiction budget flick we review visuals are more important for setting the general mood vs. showing off monsters Every Street United uses a nice contrast of the bright scenery of Brazil with the occasional shot of a London alley. The shots are usually quick but help build up the excitement of every kick.

Character Development

ESU is at its core a reality Television show. The main stars whether they win or lose are the 8 players from different countries, backgrounds, and families vying to win big in Brazil. While the show usually is fast paced the characters are given enough time to develop so you can relate to the struggles and drama that happens on and off the screen. The characters redeem reality TV because they aren’t cheesy and have a nice genuine feel to them. Excellent job choosing the players.


Being in America I often hear a lot of hate for soccer also known as “the beautiful game” because it lasts too long and has limited scoring. Field soccer is debatable, but street soccer is quick, full of goals, and easy to watch for any sports lover. The heavily talented players excellently show off the game with quick passes, good command of the smaller playing arena, and brilliant teamwork.


Every Street United can really expose Xbox owners to the rest of the world where job opportunities are scarce and soccer is the number one form of entertainment and excitement. Street soccer is not only a wonderful extension of the beautiful game played around the world, but also makes for wonderful Television. The interactive Xbox 360/ One app is pretty cool for getting into the story and shows off Xbox’s vision for future Television shows. Here’s hoping for a season 2! 10/10

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