Pouch (Windows Store) app review

Pocket (formerly Read it Later) is a very useful bookmarking app that allows you to save, videos, articles, and websites to the cloud for later reading. While simple in nature its heavily useful quickly gaining popularity (11 million current users) to be the best in its service. Since Pocket does not have an official app on the Windows Store, Pouch has been one of the few third party solutions for customers who do not use Windows 8.1’s Reading List app. In today’s app review we will look at the $1.99 app Pouch (with 7 day free trial) to see how it stacks up.


Pouch (screenshot) 2Pouch on first launch asks you to log in with a Windows API into the getpocket.com service. After logging in Pouch loads up all of your articles which will take a few minutes and boom your ready for reading! The app has a nice off color background that is well complemented by the fonts and picture layout. There is one large article that changes every few seconds followed by the queue and archived stories. The reading view isn’t too bad looking as well.

Screenshot (21)


The app for a third party had few bugs and worked pretty smoothly. The app is quick to load up and reading articles is fluid. One problem are viewing picture based articles inside the app because they don’t render very well. Their solution is to provide an option that will kick you to the article. A great part of Pouch that it integrates with the share charm so you can be browsing an article in modern Internet explorer and save it for later to read on any device.


Pocket is one of my go too apps for saving and viewing articles. Pouch does a great job showing off Pocket’s multiplatform treasures that 11 million use and trust to save all the internet’s awesome.


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