Why 3D printing can change the stop motion scene


From Wallace and Grommit to Fantastic Mr. Fox, stop motion animation has been used to produce fun and relatively cheap movies before fancy rendering engines were produced. Whether you do Claymation, brickfilming, or soda straws stop motion animation can be a fun side project for boring weekends or using your creative imagination to make characters come alive. Thanks to the internet giving us YouTube and Vimeo it has become easier to share your independently created movies to the masses where you have the chance to attract a fanbase and make a little money. Just hope you like the attention you’ll get.  Stop Motion Scene

When your making a movie there are a few key items you have to do right: storyline, characters, worldbuilding, and setting. With some higher end software you can use a sort of “greenscreen effect” referred to as chromakey to provide a nice backdrop. Problem is you can’t have your characters interact with a wall so standard three dimensional props work best. What better a tool to use then a 3D printer?

Complex Professional Set

3D Printers have been adopted relatively quickly in professional and educational environments as a means to print out a desired object whether it might be a custom part for a car or a small scale building. A big reason they’ve been exempt from most suburban households gadget list is their high price, unique software requirements, and complex user operation. After the first iteration of 3D printers two of the issues have become more manageable. Price for most 3D printers and their plastic have remained high until the Mod-T arrived recently on IndieGoGo.


Promising a price of $249 with cheap biodegradable plastic filament the New Matter Mod-T is a great add on for stop motion studios in need of a cheap solution to making realistic scenes quickly and affordably. The only drawback to the Mod-T is their proposed release date of January 2015. Check out their campaign (successfully funded) for more information about it.



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