In Dreams: The Logs of Subject 0001-A (The Citizens of Oblivion)

In Dreams: The Logs of Subject 0001-A (The Citizens of Oblivion)

By: Darryl Knickrehm

Blurb: Cecilia Abandonato has come to the ‘City of Paradise’ to fulfill a dream – to start a life free of the past. Offered a job as a Rig Driver, Cecilia is given riches and opportunities she never could have imagined. It isn’t long, however, before Cecilia sees a city very different from the one in her dream. She sees a city on the verge of a terrible plague. She sees a ‘utopia’ filled with unrest. She sees that there is only one way to achieve what she wants. She must face her past.

This book was actually a very interesting book. I liked the premise, and the character’s voice was original and fluent, she almost felt real to me(the reader) towards the end of the book (Sniffles.) The narration was a bit heavy when it recounted the past, and ‘told’ more things than it ‘showed,’ but there’s good reason for that when it comes to the story or else such info. probably wouldn’t have been able to fit in, but still.

The POV, was unique. The author switched from second to first person point of view on a number of occasions, and at first it confused me and often annoyed me at how the story was being told, but once I got into the groove of things, I really didn’t mind the style of Knickrehm’s writing, and I actually began to kind of enjoy it.

Themes in the story: 

  • ¬†injustice
  • ¬†Not everything is as it seems…
  • and, eh…. The Problems with Humanity

Plot, eh, what’s there to hate? It’s your basic Dystopian plot line, with its own unique attributions, enough to quench your average dystopian junkie’s thirst, and then crave for some more(There’s plenty more to learn from this new world, different POVs…) All in all, it wasn’t a terrible book, at least, I enjoyed it. I won’t be rereading it anytime soon, as I haven’t really for 99% of the books I’ve read, but, I would gladly recommend it to a friend, which is more than I can say about a lot of novels.

Stars: 4

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