Armed! Windows Store App Review

Turn by turn RTS (real time strategy) games fall in a niche category where you look down upon your quickly built empire attacking others who dare stand against you. Armed! developed by Sickhead Studios brings a sci-fi twist to the genre with its Windows Store, Phone, and PC title that has been enjoyed by millions. Armed! is the studios debut game title featured in various Microsoft commercials for its bright tile based Operating System due to its breakout success in its Windows Store. Does it stand up to our love of games that are fun and easy to play over and over again?

Armed! MenuArmed! starts out with 1 free map in single and multiplayer. You can buy the rest in app for $3.99. The single player has 4 degrees of strength which provide a nice training ground to test your strategies for multiplayer. In the game you start out with a base and 1,000 resource points. You can gain more by killing enemies and taking over power stations that are spread across a symmetrical map. The maps are well designed to force you to develop unique ways to defeat your opponent using certain units effectively.

Armed!In multiplayer you have two options: a casual match where you play your turn with no pressure or a live match that has a timer forcing you to move or lose. Plus there is a local multiplayer option. Multiplayer is ranked which keeps the competitive vibe going.

With 7 maps and multiplayer you have plenty of options to keep you playing Armed! for a while! It’s perfectly optimized for touch and traditional mouse support (for PC players) which keeps the gameplay fun and not turning out into a chore. It has a couple of nice features that really add to the fun atmosphere that Armed! creates!


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