Game of Drones

RQ-1 Predator Military UAV
RQ-1 Predator Military UAV

Here in the United States drones have started to become commonplace which is causing the Federal and state governments to crack down on trying to regulate drones. Across the world drones and autonomous robots are causing a stir that led to a UN sanctioned meeting to discuss the future of man’s life with robots. 5 countries have already voiced heavy displeasure to the point where they have signed a pact to stop killer fully autonomous weapons from ever being used. Why all the fuss about tiny flying drones that have been available for decades?

While most drones used by civilians are nothing more than R/C aircraft occasionally sporting a camera, militaries often use MQ-9 Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles to dispatch of human and armor targets. These larger and much more lethal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are only a precursor of coming drones in all forms (land, air, or water based) that will most likely replace human intervention wherever possible.

Are these something to be excited about or a serious threat to be put away like chemical weapons? Well the Vatican, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, and Ecuador certainly believe so. Personally I take an Issac Asimov approach to our future. Robots, drones, and other advances in mechanized warfare are essential to our survival as a species if we ever want to become an intergalactic empire. Plus it makes for excellent science fiction.

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