In Apple Blossom Time Review


Why? Simple. This is a very interesting, well-researched book about the war. But, this book is far from your normal war-story, for embedded into the plot line, there is time traveling. Like back into  the seventeen hundreds ( before World War 2, yes, and, um, duh.) It makes you think, although I wouldn’t call it a book for a thrill-seeker, it’s an excellent choice for your basic reader who just wants to zone out to a well-written, interesting book.

Although I did feel that the narration was slow at times, filled with maybe a bit too much detail than was needed, it did keep my attention until the end— glad it did too, because having my trial of disappointing endings lately, I was pleasantly surprised at the much fulfilling ending I got ( just an ending that makes the reader take a content breath in, put down the book, and stare out the window for a little while.) Note, the writing was good, and flowed quite nicely for the most part, I do have to add for the writer’s own growth, that at some points (not many at all, but enough for me to notice) the language was repetitive (used really twice in a sentence, separated by, say, i think about two words. Though it had its set backs (what book doesn’t?) I’d recommend it to any reader looking for another book to pick up.

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