Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Overview: this movie follows Captain Steve Rogers( AKA Captain America ) as he copes with the way things are ran post the events of the avengers, and WW2.

And, sorry, I just have to add this:

imageThoughts: This is an awesome movie, it is one of the best Marvel films yet! Filled with action, twists and turns, and plenty of Captain America (of course ) it made this little Marvel fan’s heart swell with the utmost amount of glee. Black Widow is her kick-butt self, the plot makes you question the integrity of every character (friend or foe?) and of course Captain America has the usual heart of gold (and superior moves) that made the audience love him since the beginning! Chris Evan’s acting skills were really put to the test, as you felt his pain, rage and triumph. ┬áThe comedic relief had to be The Falcon, and, although I was a little afraid that adding The Falcon into the mix would take away from the Captain America plot line, I actually enjoyed watching The Falcon on screen ( he does just what Cap does, only slower! lol– just, so funny.)┬áRecommended for anyone who is a fan of action movies, and those that like a good, action-driven plot ( maybe a bit too action-driven, but, there comes a point when you can only complain so much.) and, of course, fans of Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5/5 rating, or, if I want to be picky, 4.9/5, because the action felt like it suffocated the character growth in the movie a smudge, but, all is well— I DEFINITELY recommend it!

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