Red Planet Pioneer


Let’s take a ride to the colony of Mars where trial and error is about as common as the new service class of robots: Dextoids. Originating from man’s desire to detach himself from work and casualty, the new class of sentient robots are a thrilling piece of the puzzle of an interesting space opera that is larger than you realize.


Red Planet Pioneer is a story of corruption, greed, and other man made events that kinda down humanity. The story starts out a bit boring and uninteresting, but wait it gets a lot better! The story starts to pick up showing humanity in the future having settled Mars with large biodomes from various private corporations. A new android race of sentient robots called Dextoids are front and center in the story with their own personalities and quirks. I obviously can’t give away the story because you’ll want to read every bit and piece of it.

The sensory detail is extraordinary, the world building is quite solid, and the dialogue is strong. The entire story feels complete in a way so that you desire to finish. One of the weak points is the slow boil for me (I like being thrust in an adventure) but for this one time I liked it.


4/5 For being a thrilling thought provoking novel filled to the brim with crazy new technology Red Planet Pioneer: Modulus of Resilience is an amazing novel for the adult category because most Young Adults would not appreciate the slow boil approach it takes.


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