Mirror of Stone review




Trapped by her mother’s death into caretaking for her alcoholic father, sixteen-year-old Eleanor Weber dreams of escape, but doesn’t know what else to do with her life on the backwater colony moon of Travbon. So after a crazy set of circumstances she is friends with an alien species and needs to stop a huge war. No pressure right?


The author did a great job building up a world that she will potentially destroy. A very lively one filled with miners and small space bars. The words reminded me that excellent editing and well placed verbs and scenes really make a book shine. The characters are really good. Main character isn’t a typical female type hero in any sense (not Katniss Everdeen) plus she is a good negotiator.


4/5 This book desperately needs to be made into a movie. I fell in love with it as soon as I got my hands on it. Everything about this amazing Space Opera is a signal for you to buy it! My only qualm was: what happened to Earth? The author addressed some back story in the book but never what happened to Earth.

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