jOBS (2013)


   Available for a short while on Movie Planet then taken down (most likely a DMCA request) I was able to watch this movie thankfully to my local Redbox. It’s plain and simple the life of Steve Jobs made for the layman whose never read the wonderful biography by Walter Issacson or knew anything about Job’s life. Ashton Kutcher who many say is the spitting image (wherever that term came from) of the highly energetic leader of Apple takes the lead role in this hippie infused stroll down memory lane. Even if I’m not Apple’s biggest fan this movie was something all nerds need to see.


Great movies usually have great visuals… but then again this is a documentary. When I think documentary/biopic I think a slow moving boring movie. Surprisingly the shots used in the movie were fresh but filled with a nice vigor (supplied by Mr. Kutcher) that I really enjoyed.


Since the movie was fast paced most of the acting burden was placed on Steve Jobs. And he did very well. He played his part perfectly complemented nicely by the Woz man and Mike Markkula. I loved the hippie feel (soundtrack was perfect) and how the movie could reach out to non techies (like my dad) by using things in the movie to relate with. I personally had no issues with any of the acting but according to Imdb I’m in the lonely minority.


This is where the movie kind of fell. For one who knows nothing about Steve Jobs (not the exact target audience anyways) this movie is simply wonderful. For one like me who read the book I saw a lot of plot discrepancies that were made to give the movie more effect and drama. Still, the movie has a lot of positive points that any plot discrepancies can be overlooked.


I really liked it. I mean it had its low points but the music, acting, and overall movie visuals were very fresh for a biopic. No useless boring facts with a narrator here.


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