Ezekial Comic Review


As many of you my dear readers know, I don’t review comic books or much in the way of the multimedia type genre. This is one of those rare exceptions that I jumped at because 1) It had a variant of my name in it 2) It looked amazing 3) It has to do with space. So when I decided to gulp down the book in 20 minutes or so I came away…. read the rest.


Well the book is…. interestingly designed. I’m not used to the drawing style employed by (Patrick Beavers?) and the surprisingly short (24 pages) story. The drawing actually is quite… interesting. Its more like a breath of fresh air compared to the old and tried forms of graphic art employed by the bigger studios (DC, Marvel, Capcom, etc). I liked it kind of reminded me something you might see in the Bones series ( a personal favorite).


Its hard to make a story in 24 pages especially for the first of a series. This felt more like a #0 copy then a #1 due to the short size and quick moving storyline. In truth it felt a bit too rushed even though you could see the great artistic work put into it. Obviously its a lot of story to digest and I’m not the biggest graphic arts fan so if you feel different please let me know.


Even though I sound more critical than usual, I really liked it. I walked away wanting more (always a good thing) but felt that it could have used a bit… more to bring the experience together. It sets a good tone but it doesn’t do enough to satisfy the masses. Wish it was on ComiXology.


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