Botangle is an RPG for Education – Kickstarter

Full Disclosure, this is a shameless plug for my Kickstarter for my startup Botangle!

It’s called Botangle, Botangle is the eBay of learning through the
ability to have teachers post what they want to teach; much like sellers
who post what they want to sell. If you need help learning guitar, or
want to learn algebra, all you do is simply search for the subject that
you want. A list of teachers are recommended that will best suit your

This gives you the ability to choose your own subjects and your
own teachers, rather than an imposed curriculum and assigned teachers. I
know from my past learning experiences that students need a learning
environment that caters to them, what they want to learn, and how they
want to learn it.


It’s not just about the student either: teachers can post what subjects
they want to teach, when they are available to teach them, and how much
they want to charge for their time; a complete competitive marketplace
in education.

You don’t have to be a teacher in the current education system either,
anyone can share their knowledge and teach on Botangle; through our
rating system, talented and effective teachers are accredited by the
users in the same way that eBay filters out bad sellers.


Sometimes though, it’s not all verbal. Next to the video chatting client
you have a white board, text editor, and subject specific plugins, like
a code editor for programming classes, for example.


So if a student wants to become an architect, he can focus on geometry
and less on calculus, or it could be a middle aged woman who all of
sudden wants to travel the world, but does not know a foreign language;
that person can take those classes and Botangle with a native speaker of
that language. It even caters to the person still in the traditional
education system, whether high school or college, in more of a tutoring
role with a person who has taken the course before, or is very familiar
with the subject.


The reason I started Botangle was because I wanted a learning
environment that catered to my learning because I had a lot of negative
experiences in the status quo educational environment; I never felt at
home, nor did I feel stimulated intellectually.


I wanted a school in which I could choose the teachers based upon ratings given by other
students, a school in which I can choose my own schedule; a school that
caters towards the everyman whether 8 or 80, High School student or College Student, or just an eager learner in life.

So Check out my Kickstarter for Botangle! Any pledge amount would help!

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