White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks Review:

White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks Review:

5 *****

This book is filled with lots and lots of presidential quotes!

It was a both an amusing, and fascinating book, the research put into this book very evident as you read a dozen or so quotes from each and every president of the United States. There was a lot of irony that came into play from these quotes that made me laugh, one part because some of them were spoken by the same president and yet were very hypocritical(assuming that the author did his research right and sorted them correctly) saying one thing in one quote, then saying the opposite in the other quote. Another part because of the vast amount of opinions that came from these presidents, and yet they lead the same country, showing how times do change.

A thing that I did find interesting was how far back these presidents were, and yet many of them speak of troubles that we have today as if they’re LIVING in it. *SHOCK*

As for the author’s writing itself, he gave you background-information about each president each time before the quotes from that president came rolling in, aiding the reader in understanding these quotes. Good idea.

If you like this type of fiction, the kind that leaves you laughing IF and only if you ‘get this type of humor,’ then go out and buy this book. It’s a five star nonfiction book.


There is ONE SMALL quote that I should warn the reader about that was towards the end of the book and from President Obama, it was one about Sandy Hook. This is just a warning to those touched by it, who may or may not want to read about this tragedy, even for a minute.

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