The Art of Storytelling



As a storyteller myself this book was too hard to pass up on NetGalley. I started reading it and couldn’t stop. The tips I thought were going to be on writing, but it turned out to be a great help for presenting in person. From the beautiful front cover, to the informative well formatted interior The Art of Storytelling┬ádelivers on the promises it makes and then some.


This book is a fun, energetic guide to helping you become a better public speaker and storyteller. Through informative tips, fun workshops, and well placed encouragement, author John Walsh not only tells you how to go from stutterer to speaker, the book is laced with his highly inspiring story. The book is great for the writer, speaker, or teacher who wants to have an engaged audience.


5/5 I didn’t find anything bad in here like grammar, formatting errors, etc so I’m gonna have to go with my usual high rating spree ­čśë

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