Spiders 3D


    Wow. This movie while widely hated is something I could sit down to and watch while eating mounds of popcorn. I mean large mounds. The movie for me was enjoyable even if it was a pure sci-fi flick with mediocre acting and plot holes. The movie based in New York is really something that only a New Yorker would relate to. Luckily, I grew up going to New York a lot (living in NJ) to Yankee games and to church there I can easily relate to the movie.


   Sci-fi movies usually have pretty crappy acting so their only self redeeming quality is the visuals. For the average movie fan Spiders 3D does not disappoint. The CGI spiders were pretty realistic and the quality of the animations were pretty good for an indie movie. The visuals were only good not breathtaking, but thankfully not ugly.


   This was obviously its weak part. The acting was overall meh but extremely bad in some areas. I really hated the stereotypical ex wife for her screeching all the time and the fact she did not help at all. The main character wasn’t bad as an actor and the supporting roles were so so but all very predictable.


   To sum it up in one word: predictable. Everything was run of the mill type characters, ending, deaths, and the climax. At least it was a good storyline that wasn’t overly cheesy. I mean the story had some plot holes and other idiosyncrasies.


  The movie was okay thanks to good visuals and so so acting. I wouldn’t recommend buying it unless you really like science fiction movies.


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