Monkey Talk, 13th prophet short stories



I usually do not get a lot of short stories for review but this particular set of stories proved most intriguing. Both were crazy science fiction type short stories one reminding me of Hive Monkey by Gareth Powell the other reminding me of The Lead Cloak. In One a Monkey and his assistant go to a nice venue to give a speech. Let me clarify: an insane monkey and famous one at that. The other is a story where personalities are bought which isn’t very far fetched. Both are well…. Keep reading my friend.


Monkey Talk –
Excellent read and definitely my favorite of the two. In this one the monkey is a well off slightly senile and angry chimp who goes to a place where he is denied because of his dress. It’s a nice piece that makes for a good quick read at a great price on Kindle. Plot, character development, and story ending were all surprisingly good for such a quick read. No complaints here.

The 13th Prophet –
For me it started off really well. Then the story got a bit… boring/muffled with too many long words and product names. I’m really complaining too much and being harsh because the story is great. The characters are well developed and the story is not only good but thought provoking. It is worth your money.

5/5 Monkey Talk – Excellent Story that ticks all of my boxes.
4/5 The 13th Prophet – Good solid story just has too much stuff in it in my opinion. Still worth your dollar.

Note: The 13th Prophet will be FREE on Amazon on February 22nd and 23rd. Be sure to grab em!

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