Loch Ness Terror


A made for TV film, Loch Ness Terror a.k.a Beyond the Loch Ness is part science fiction thriller part coming of age story. Focusing on a scientist (cryptozoologist) whose father was killed by the Loch Ness monster in Scotland who is desperately aching for revenge. He was packing a large arsenal of modern military style equipment in this crazy fast paced movie that shows Nessie to be more than a mere “water horse.”


Science fiction movie that primarily features a complete CGI based Nessie? Well there is plenty of room for improvement. For starters the CGI was shady in areas (post processing review anyone?) and the blood effects caused by someone’s head being decapitated were not the best. The CGI was meh. The surroundings were gorgeous though.


The characters while some cliche were really good because they took the acting really seriously especially the supporting actor with the grudge. Everyone did their part and I think while the humans were good I was sad the black dude and hot foreign girl got killed. I mean really kill the black guy?


Since I’m a cryptozoologist I was obviously angry that “Nessie” was portrayed as a blood thirsty monster that was not afraid to kill. It was mostly cliche except for the ending. In reality, it felt a lot like the 1998 Godzilla movie made in America with Matthew Broderick.


The movie was actually pretty good thanks to so so CGI and the good (for an indie studio) acting. Could have been a lot better if a big studio did it but congratulations to the small studio that could!


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