How To Hire Someone If You’re in High School

This will be a blog post in a series of blog posts about how to start a startup in High School! I’ve founded a startup called Botangle ( among others. So I want to to share my journey and knowledge with the world! First, since you’re a high schooler you’re probably going to be on a very strict budget! I would recommend finding a programmer from your high school! Whether they’ve taken a class at your High School or are self-taught you will always be able to find a programmer of some sort nearby! Another suggestion might be to check your local community college. Even just paying them $20 for a few hours of their work is good enough for a high schooler. Someone from college will be quite a bit more, but still cheap. I’ve hired a college student from New York for about $25 an hour. To find a graphic designer, my advice is pretty much the same. Check your local photography class, art class, or just someone with a passion for graphic design. Here’s a graphic designer I found at my High School who takes a lot of photography classes and is a great designer! Her name is Keely Brennan (, if you ever need her to do design work just say where you found her email address from and what you need! Finding people locally is all well and great, but you might not find the talent you need around you. I would check out sites like, craigslist for posting job ads, or LinkedIn! Make sure you hire people as freelancers and not employees until you have a substantial amount of money. That’s it for today! If you have any questions feel free to email me at or check out my websites!

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