Exclusive: Ariel’s World 2D title for Windows Phone

Well you’re probably thinking, “Wait since when do you cover Windows Phone news?” Well good friend our tech division is going through some changes and we’d like to provide you with up and coming apps, game titles, and other things related to Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

To start it off our first exclusive is Ariel’s World developed by the makers of the Windows Phone title Star Tennis. Ariel’s World is a sidescroller 2D game currently in Alpha testing by R Squared studios. So far I have not heard much about the studio but thanks to the wonderful developer behind it Stephen Johnson I do have some in game screenshots that really show where Windows Phone future lies.

Ariel's World The independent title has been in development for two years and the final stages include monetization platforms and updating the sprites and in game animations. One of the big attractions to the game is the potential for a storyline. I’m no gamer but I am an author where I build plots for fun.


In my opinion any game that has good storyline, graphics, and gameplay is excellent for a mobile OS still playing catch up with the big boys. Independent developers are the backbone for trends. Look at Flappy Birds. Heck, filmmaker Stephen Spielberg recognizes the need for a good storyline in video games.


Glad to see people stepping up to make cool and interesting titles like this. Some of my recommendations would be to have better more realistic artwork, support for MOGA gamepads, and accelerometer support. Still good job developer!

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