District 9 Movie review

Well we are finally making good on our promise: we will bring you amazing and detailed science fiction movie reviews. In our debut review we will show you our basic format for the upcoming movies provided by Movie Planet app for Windows 8/8.1.
For this movie it was all about aliens. District 9 starts out like a documentary in an alternative history sequence where a large mothership of aliens arrives over Johannesburg, Africa. When human helicopters reach the ship they find the extraterrestrials in poor condition.
People at first are obviously intrigued by the aliens which they derogatorily named “Prawns” and left them in a housing project called District 9. Years later tensions are tight and the majority of Johannesburg does not want the prawns so close. So it is up to Wikus a South African to hand out eviction notices to prawns which sparks a catastrophic change for both prawn and man.


For an independent film that managed to pull an 8 out of 10 from the pricks at Imdb the visuals were very impressive. Released in 2009 by Director and writer Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell, and reknown producer Peter Jackson District 9 provides a visually satisfying experience without being cheesy. The aliens and their ship was shockingly (for 2009) realistic and somehow in two hours made you feel like they were a normal part of life. Graphics don’t really have any shortcomings and the movie plays out like an AAA video game: smooth with plenty of action.


The movie takes a very interesting chop at action: it uses a quasi documentary format to convey the storyline. The lead character Sharlto Copley is a dynamic character who is friendly with the prawns and does the job well conveying fear, excitement, and hope very well as needed. Even thought he did the job well it was not anything extraordinary. The bad guy Koobus Venter (David James) was pretty typical and easy to spot from the beginning yet did the, “I hate aliens because I’m a human” routine fairly well.

The standout part had to be the aliens. All voiced by Jason Cope they really made the movie what it was. I was surprised to see that the aliens were really animalike and ugly as far as aliens go. They were not run of the mill greys or tall whites, but they still maintained the aspect of believable. The aliens did great jobs of setting the scene, building on the story, and forcing you to yell at the Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp for a bloody sequel.


Even though the movie had amazing acting the true beauty was the storyline. The characters especially the aliens really makes you want to cry at the end of the movie. Why? Because in subtle mentions the young child of a prawn says, “When can we go home?” and it shows you that the prawns did not come to Earth for diplomacy. The story really makes you ask questions about humanity as we know it, aparthide, and other things.


10/10 Wow. If you haven’t seen this movie then buy it. Don’t even watch it in Movie Planet (primarily because it’s no longer listed) because you NEED to support the creators. Creators are some of my favorite people on the planet because it is they who drive innovation whether its in social life or technology.



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