Affinities review


Andrew Goodwin hears voices. They wake him in the dead of night, lingering behind the walls, growing in strength until they take over. Making him captive in his own home. These voices are real. Andrew doesn’t know who they are or what they want. Every time he approaches the door, they force him back. Whenever he wakes up, they put him to sleep, making him live on stolen moments in the darkness.


No comedy relief here in this (medical?) thriller where a dude is losing his sanity and losing control of who he is due to some supernatural circumstances. The main character is thrust immediately into a conflict that proves internal, external, and at first a bit confusing. For him its hard to remain conscious of who he really is because… dang I can’t giveaway the storyline! Actually for a long book (85k words!) it was really good and never got too boring.


4/5 Characters were cool, storyline unique, and the book well written. The cover is intriguing and well done. Excellent job Chris Hollis!

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