Knightfall review

Knightfall, R Jackson-Lawrence


Remember stories that combine the future, and an alternate past in a highly addictive format? Well probably not because Knightfall is an one of a kind story that despite its title does not focus on knights in shining armor. It depicts a cryptic story of a learned European man who experiences some sort of time transportation to either going back in time or to a parallel universe that still contains his universe. Still with me? Well read the book because its actually rather good.


While my head still spins as to how everything works in the book the author manages to make a strong main character with an excellent storyline that begs for a sequel. And unsurprisingly the author delivered with a third in the works. From the balling cover art to the amazing plot and the realism of it all, Knightfall is guaranteed to keep you hooked the whole way.


5/5 Almost gave it a lower rating just for being confused in the beginning but the book totally makes up for any confusion at all.

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